Friday, August 20, 2010

The Wedding Gown

No, that picture is not of my wedding dress. Can't have FH seeing it online, but I had to get your attention somehow!

Yesterday, I said HELLO to my new wedding dress. Fresh from the dry cleaners. I bought it at a place called VOWS ( I call it the TJ Maxx for wedding dresses. Beautiful designer, and I mean designer gowns for over 50% off! People from all over the country come here to find their perfect dress. My friend and I went here about 3 weeks after I got engaged. She said to me: "Are you ready to buy a dress tonight?!" I was skeptical of course - only my 2nd shop, was I really going to find one? We started pulling dresses like it was nobody's business!! And there it was, my dress.
Some people say they cried, some people said they didn't. Some people say they go in with one idea, and end up buying a totally different dress. I cried. I bought 80% of what I thought I would get, and I love it. 2 months later, I still love it. I still look at bridal magazines and I can't find one dress I like better than mine. No buyer's remorse here!

So, when I picked it up yesterday, and held it in my arms, I cried again. It is probably the most tangible thing about a wedding other than your FH and your ring. It's what makes getting married real and beautiful.

One day next year I'll have to take it off for good and say goodbye to it...or will I? Remember that Friends episode where all the girls are sitting in front of the tv with popcorn? The one where they are all in their wedding dresses? My girlfriends and I are planning that day together - sometime after my wedding. We'll get to say hello to our dresses one more time. And maybe we'll cry again...probably with laughter!


  1. Oh, Jo, I know you don't know me but I had to comment on this post. I love love LOVE my wedding dress. I was married 8+ years ago and I still look longingly at my dress. I just adore it and want to put it on again everyday. But alas, my mother paid a fortune to have it in a random white box with a blue cellophane window. So all I can do is show it to my daughter when she asks and hope that someday (in the far far future) she will want to wear it.

  2. Hi Cheryl - mark "introduced" me to you - can't wait to meet you at the wedding! Well, you can always unbox it and pay to have it reboxed! Enjoy it when you want to : )

  3. Jo I love this post! Almost cried reading this myself! My dress was the first one I put on and I searched all over just to be sure and then came back to it, tried it on... and cried. It is such a tangible and beautiful representation of your love. Someday if you ever want to have another gal join in on that recreation of friends, I'll be there!!! :)