Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the Q as in Barbeque

We said goodbye to the trusty old bbq I'd had for 8 years. The left side was all flame, and if there was any gust of wind, look out for the flame coming your way! It became so I would only turn on the right hand side of the grill and only in times of desperation and caution, the left side would go on. I always had to turn it on with one of those long lighters...the push button ignition never quite worked.
My FH would never ever light the grill. Ever. Quite unusual for someone with a "Y" chromosome. Had something to do with playing with fire when he was a kid, and really doesn't like to be around gas.
Today, we said hello to our new beautiful Weber, 3 burner grill.

It is GORGEOUS! I love our new grill. It's so sleek, and even, and hot. And the best part is, the ignition button works, and FH can light the grill himself. Thanks god for the "Y" chromosome kicking in. Funny, I think we might be fighting each other going forward on who gets to grill!

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