Thursday, August 12, 2010

the Art of Jumping and the Digital Camera

Jumping takes skill. I remember when my 4 year old nephew couldn't jump on one leg (when he was 3). Now he is jumping around like a kangaroo. My other nephew who is almost 7 can jump up a step. Not something I want to try with my rickity knees. I was quite impressed today. I got them to jump off the step at the same time and captured some great air. Pictures to come in a few days.

Over 4 years ago, a coworker suggested we take a picture jumping in front of the TajMahal. She says she and her friends take jumping pictures all over the world. We had to use the timer, and trying to get 5 people jumping in the air at the same time is quite difficult. LOTS of laughter ensued, and lots of exercise too. Needless to say, with the help of the digital camera - success!

My FH and I love to take jumping pictures, and I love asking my friends to particpate in them too. At first they think I'm crazy, but suddenly find themselves competing with each other on who can get the most air, style points, let alone the person holding the camera has to be pretty savvy with the timing. Thankfully, digital cameras give us instantaneous views to rate style and air.

My FH and I will be jumping with our wedding party...and I'll be wearing ballet slippers so I can jump for joy and not twist my ankle at the same time.
So, I encourage all of you (who haven't already experienced this with me) to try the Art of Jumping with your Digital Camera.

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