Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a 4 year old point of view

My 4.5 year old nephew has a great view on life. Everything is about doing what his almost 7 year old big brother can do. But periodically he show his own little personality with flying colors.  Here are a few examples:
Looking for bugs!
Today while walking on one of the many beautiful trails of VT, he spotted not just one, or two, but THREE tiny little slugs. Being shortest has its advantages.
Tying shoelaces - I don't remember when I learned how to tie my own shoelaces, but being the youngest has it's advantages. I'm pretty sure he learned how to do this much quicker than big brother. He successfully tied (with 2 rabbit ears of course) Auntie's tennis shoes - double knotted and all. Much to my surprise, they stayed tied the whole hike.
The IceCube Guitar tray - yes...The Big Brother wanted the "Halloween" ice cubes (skulls and cross bones), while the younger brother wanted the guitar ice cubes...yup, the BB changed his mind and all of a sudden wanted the guitar tray. Way to use your influence!
The Cricket vs. the Ladybug - if you've been following my fbook status updates, you know we have been collecting all sorts of bugs this vacation. Operation Grasshopper, Operation, operation Ladybug. Younger brother can find ANY bug in the was operation Ladybug. How he finds them I have no idea...must be the short factor.
I guess today I've realized that saying Goodbye to your own childhood happened a long time ago, but saying Hello to a 4 year olds childhood is pretty revealing to this 41 year old.

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