Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Popsicle

Mmmm, the summertime treat. With only 2 more weeks until September Labor Day weekend, summer is flying by quickly. We got home late today - 11:30pm. I wanted the newly discovered Raspberry shortbread for a little treat...drat! Ate the last one last night. Hmmm, vanilla ice cream with caramel ginger sauce...too heavy. What about a popsicle. The one stick, not two stick kind....My nephews ate these while we were on vacation and soon I was too. I even went as far as stocking them in my freezer. Believe me, if you have ever been near my freezer, duck in case something comes falling out at you. So making room for popsicles makes them pretty high priority. I easily went through my grape popsicle in about 3 minutes. About 5 minutes later, I realized I forgot to read the joke. Yup, they even entertain you long after the last bite. I actually dug out the popsicle stick (not a lot of trash in the bin, so don't be icked out or anything), to bring you the following...."What kind of bird is always sad?"

"a blue bird". I think I need to open the freezer and say hello to another popsicle for a better joke!

1 comment:

  1. Haha- we have these popsicles for lunch every day at camp! The jokes are a big hit:)