Thursday, August 26, 2010

dial up the internet

Our wireless cable has been sucking...I really meant to say SUCKING - in ALL CAPS - LIKE I'M YELLING AT IT RIGHT NOW! I remember when you got to the internet through the phone line back in 1992 or there about. It was the coolest thing ever. I even got my own email address with my very own name because email wasn't really around back then. No suggestions, no crazy numbers, no error messages saying "that name has been taken, try xiytoely". Like that would make sense.

We tried switching from RCN to Comcast to get faster internet, but Comcast screwed us over twice with scheduled appointments. I mean, we scheduled it, waited and they never showed. We tried Verizon Fios - we live in too old of a house, and sadly it's not available. Sigh. So, about 2 weeks ago we thought we would be getting faster cooler internet. Now, we have to walk into the room where the wireless router is and pray we get to download the fbook home page by sunrise.

Long story short, we gave RCN another try, and they are coming to "switch out the equipment". Really, they couldn't have offered that from our first phone call. I guess a customer needs to call 3x before getting any kind of service. We have been counting down the days and hours until they come.

I said goodbye to slow dial up at least over a decade ago, and now I feel like I've been back in the slow lane of the information highway. Let's hope by Saturday when we get the new equipment, I can say hello to the Auto-Bahn of bandwidth and not get any grey hairs by the time I hit "Publish Post"!

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