Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sunset, Sunrise

FH and I were driving home from our last catering tasting tonight. (that's a whole separate blog) We hit the sunset just right. Blue and reddish orange clouds; reflections of the last bit of sunlight off the river. It was spectacular. If I could have pulled over on the busy road to just enjoy the moment I would have.
I'm from the west coast and watching the sunset was more of a daily occurrence. The sun's glint off of the snow covered mountains or seeing the sunlight on the river that cuts right through the heart of town. The ocean was only an hour and 30 minutes away. I could watch the sun set off the ocean more often then I will ever see the sun rise on the east coast. I am not a morning person. Not...At...All. There seems to be one exception. When I travel, I can't wait to get up! What does the new city have to offer me? What will I learn, experience, taste, smell? I have two very memorable sunrises....last year in Prague, the church bell woke me up to the most amazing sunrise. This is what I saw out my window:

I almost threw on jeans and a t-shirt to run down to the bridge to capture more of this perfect morning. Then, sleep overcame me.

The sunrise over the Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful and memorable experiences I'll ever see.  The glow of orange over the pure white marble. The silence of the people who live near or around the Taj. It was peaceful watching the other tourists and people take in the moment. Pictures don't do it any justice, so for anyone who goes to the Taj Mahal, please spend the night, and make sure to get up early. It is a memory I will hold onto forever, and maybe one day you will too.


  1. Which side of the river were you on when you took the first Taj Pic? Just teasing - these are gorgeous pics!