Friday, August 13, 2010

Imagination...making something out of nothing.

I'm constantly amazed at what my nephews can create out of nothing. For the past 5 mornings I've woken up to various creations. "Look Auntie, a Robot!". Fred to be exact. 

This morning it was a bunny. The 6 year old drew THE CUTEST BUNNY ever. The 4 year old made an exact replica of the bunny. He loves to do what big brother does. 

The Robot was made out of paper, scissors, aluminum pie toppers, markers and imagination. Yesterday, they colored a piece of paper, drew a face on it, tucked it into a tupperware (they love their tupperware) , then rolled up a different piece of paper and stuck some string on it to stick out. Obviously it was a squirrel. Obviously. Up and down the stairs from 6-7:30 am they yelled "SQUIRREL...He's FLYING." I didn't get much sleep, but I got plenty of laughs. From Robots, to Squirrels, to Bunnies, it's nice to say Hello to Creativity and Imagination.

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