Saturday, August 14, 2010


I said Hello to Mini-Golf today. When was the last time I played this? I'm sure I said Goodbye to this activity a long time ago. I can't even remember. But playing it with my FH and my FHss  Niece and Nephew was fun (soon to be my official Niece and Nephew)! A little friendly competition....a little side betting (.25 per hole is owed to the person with the best score per whole), a lot of cheering! My throat is sore from a lot of OOOOOOHHHHH's, and "Whoo Hoo, I'm master of the mini putt!".

I've discovered I play mini golf a lot like I play pool. I come out strong...and just stop concentrating towards the end. But who cares who wins or loses when the whole family is laughing and cheering each other on. I'm so glad my FN and FN came to visit; I've had a blast rediscovering the city with them and doing things like duck tours and mini golf!

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