Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Brain

Ever since I turned 40, I am seeping brain cells. At times my facebook status will say something like "if you have found my mind, please return it!". I'm not sure what happened. I'm sure my parents would say "OLD AGE!". I could remember numbers like I knew my birthdate or social security number. I blame advanced technology. Who even remembers their parents home number (if they moved, which mine have), or your sister's cell phone number? Not me. And if the "smart phone" dies, and you need to use someone else's phone, I can't dial anyone anymore!

My FH always asks me the most obvious questions  - to me anyway. "OH, we should make a reservation for 4 for dinner tonight. OOPS!" (He emails me this on Friday at 2pm). My reply: "Remember, YOU looked it up and they don't take reservations for small parties?".

"RIGHT", he says, "You must have the brain today!"

The truth is, most of the time I still have the brain. Until today.

ME - "Do you want some of those hamburger's today"
FH - "We still have some in the fridge".
Me - "No we don't. I'm positive"
FH - "OK, if you say so" (if you read his blog, you will realize that most of his male friends advice goes something like - just say "YES DEAR")

Me - 1 hour later after we bought said hamburger's "OH, I guess you were right, we do still have some".

Apparently, he had the brain for the day. Let's hope I get it back soon!

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