Friday, January 27, 2012

Superbowl Sunday

Rematch time! Patriots-Giants!

I remember the last time these two teams played in the Superbowl. The Patriots HAD IT! It was going to be a WIN!! My dad even called to say "Congratulations, your team is going to win". And then the unspeakable. The Giants win by 3.

I told my dad this year not to call. AT ALL. I won't answer the phone if he does. Now I'm not superstitious. Not really. Except for when it comes to football and baseball. Not as extreme as: I'm going to wear the same Wes Welker jersey to every game because they keep on winning. But close.

Do I like that Tom Brady is on the cover of SI? NOPE! Everyone knows it's a curse to be on the cover!

I quote wikipedia: The Sports Illustrated cover jinx is an urban legend that states that individuals or teams who appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated magazine will subsequently be jinxed (experience bad luck). This is an example of confirmation bias.

Here is the current one:

Should I be worried?

I'm not worried. At the end of the day, Brady is one man, the other 45+ players and Coaches make the TEAM. Defense, Offense, Special Teams. Each one of them will either win or lose on Sunday. (I'm for WIN)

9 days and counting. I hope to say goodbye to the 2008 memory of that horrible loss. And HELLO Vince Lombardi Trophy #4. (I think someday they should have a Bill Belichick Trophy..I'm just sayin')

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