Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hello Pinterest! My friend recommended I start utilizing this application/social media phenomenon. I didn't get it at first, but once I played with it for 5 minutes I was hooked.

Everywhere I look - Twitter, Facebook, someone has just joined, and the most common status update is:

"I'm obsessed with Pinterest"! People are tweeting that they "need a Pintervention!

It's been fully up and running since August 2011. I've never seen anything/webpage catch on faster than Pinterest. According to Wikipedia: It had more traffic than the social network giants like Linked InYou Tube and Google+ on January 2012. 

Thanks to social media, Pinterest has spread like wildfire. I'm still a "virgin" when it comes to this website. I only have 12 boards, 181 pins, and 7 likes. I have 23 followers and I'm following 33 people. I think it is just the beginning.

My most popular "repin" (almost 30x) is:

Forget the Facebook IPO, Pinterest is here to stay!

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