Sunday, January 8, 2012

MH (My Husband) vs. the Screaming Lady

Published in 2003, and sells on Amazon for $25.00. MH bought this to learn about our heating system

My husband disappears every now and then when we are in the house. All of a sudden he gets up from the couch, grumbles and goes into the depths of the basement. There is this huge knocking in the house and the floor shakes a little. Welcome to Steam Heat.

When we first moved in, we didn't even have insulation. Did I mention our house was built in 1900 or so?
We just switched from oil to gas and have a fancy brand new furnace, tankless hot water energy saver system. And it knocks, and screams. We had the screaming lady in the bedroom. Every morning the heat would come on, and the vent was turned just ever so, where it would literally sound like there was a lady screaming to her death. EVERY MORNING.

Hours on the internet later, we have the most expensive vents ordered. And I have to give him credit (yes MH, write this down), he learned how to change the vents. Now the Screaming Lady is gone. MH 1, Steam heat 0.

Oh wait, we have radiators that only heat up 1/2 way, and some that don't heat up at all. Have you seen MH lately?

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