Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow Daze or Days?!

Snow Men (and nephews)!

One of the best things about New England is the snow. We didn't get much of it where I grew up unless you hopped in a car and drove for 1.5 hours. Here you get plenty of it depending on the season. Well, this season we have already received over 50" of snow, with another potential blizzard on the way. To put it in perspective, one season's average is 48" or so of snow. FOR THE WHOLE SEASON! Yes, we are well above that.

Blizzard #1 - total snow 18"+

So, I'm trying to take it all in stride (and thankful to the person who invented snow tires, and the snowblower!) and go with it. I live in New England so it's just something you learn to live with.

sledding down our "hill"
For now, we get to build snowmen in our back yard with my nephews. The one on the left in the first picture,...those "dot's" (which are coffee beans) means "he's a leopard snowman auntie". Why do you have a branch on his head? "Why that's his hair!". Enjoying the snow with kids helps me to stay a kid.  We crawled around for hours outside, making snowmen, building igloo's (thank you FH), and making snow angels.

my nephews "air guitar", aka tree bark

on top of the "world!" (igloo)

inside the igloo

another snow-girl!
So, we welcomed the snow this season with visions of a white Christmas (it was one day late), but I have to say, after 50+ " of snow already, I can't wait to say goodbye winter, hello spring! In the meantime, we'll just have an army of snowmen in our backyard!

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