Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lola and Zoey

Lola and Zoey
Lola and Zoey, our two adorable cats. I decided to write this blog about them while I heard them running down the hallway, and trollop-ing down the stairs at full speed. When FH and I bought our house and we kept waiting for the close date, and the move in date, all we could imagine was them having SO MUCH room to run around in. Our dream has come true.

I love to hear Zoey thunder down the stairs, turn the corner and come bounding into the kitchen. She is like Tigger but on speed.

Lola on the other hand, is our tentative, and sometimes "special needs kitty". She is shy, moody, and sometimes, well...a cat. She is the younger of the two. At first they didn't get along at all, but now we call them the little love bugs.

When they are both in playful moods, which is right about now (10pm practically every night), they chase each other, pounce on each other, and generally play hide and seek from each other. They love to terrorize each other, and I giggle every single time I hear them. They are like our children, and we (ie FH) spoil them rotten!

Both were rescue kitties, Zoey from a shelter, and Lola from a friend who rescued her and all her siblings. (all happily adopted and in good hands).
My FH has taken to giving them nick-names.

Zoey is: Zo-Zo, or Zo-ci-pher (when she pounces on his feet in the middle of the night)

Lola is: Lola Bee, Beetle Nut, Beetle Juice, or just plain The Bee. Very rarely does she respond to Lola anymore, but like I said, she is a moody cat and only responds when she wants to anyway, so we just call her what we want.

They are trouble makers with a capital T, but lovable ones too. I said goodbye to my beloved Scout and Bumpie after having them for 16 and 14 years respectively. They were my kids with me through 3 states, countless boyfriends (shhhh, don't tell FH), and the beginning of my adult life.

Lola and Zoey, I said hello to right before I met my FH, and now, they have been with me through our dating, engagement and marriage!

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