Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Fall Day...

Today consists of nothing much but running around. I'm currently trapped by love ...My 2 year old part Maine Coon cat is a luv bug and purr machine. She is happily laying in my lap purring away.

Today I..

1. Kissed my Sweetie Goodbye - he is going to his HS reunion
2. Donated a bunch of stuff
3. Looked for a Vanity at Lowe's (one that doesn't cost $700 for just the wood, and no sink!), and bought more packing supplies
4. Donated Canned Food and bought some more food..
5. Unloaded the dishwasher
6. Threw out the recycling
7. Got my hair cut and colored
8. Researched our honeymoon - Cinque Terre (please email me ideas if you have been here!!)

Still yet to do today..

1. Purge unnecessary paperwork
2. Pick up my sister at the airport
3. Recycle the unnecessary paperwork
4. eat dinner
5. Squeeze in a movie (Letters to Juliet...Better to watch while FH is gone)
6. Work

Whew - and it's only 4:00!!

The BEST part of my day today was discovering this!!

FH to me: "Super Heroes AND JOKES?!"

So far, a very good day!!

PS - Joke of the popsicle...What happens when you go inside with a snowsuit on?

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