Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello House!

As if planning a wedding weren't enough, FH and I decided to buy a house. THIS HOUSE. Cute right? OK, I'm a little partial to it.

Well, I've learned a few things about buying a house, our first house...together.

1. Buying a house is like on line dating. Looks good in the pictures, but then you actually get there, and the view all around your yard is of a huge parking lot, or Bob's auto store. Kind of like your first blind date - looks good in the pictures...but then you meet and you realize the picture posted of said date is from 1996. (Good thing I met FH through a friend!)

2. Buying a house is like shopping for a wedding gown, just a lot more expensive. Like they say, you try on a lot of dresses, but when you find the one of your dreams, you just know it. When FH and I walked into this house, we just knew it was for us.

3. The house, like the wedding gown, needs a few alterations. And that costs money. What I find funny is, I need to have my wedding gown altered, and I can get an estimate on how much that might cost, but I won't know until they pull it apart and put it back together. Well, that's kind of like the repairs we need to do to the house. We know we can get an estimate from the contractor, but we won't know the true cost until the job is done.

4. What I do know is this, I still love my wedding gown, and I still love this house. Alterations and repairs included!

5. Trust - I've learned to not have to control everything and trust my FH to help me make the decisions, and to make decisions for our future on our own. We have survived with hardly a fight...we should get married!

6. We imagine entertaining in this house (great back yard and kitchen) with friends and family. But the funny thing we can't wait for is to see how our two kitties will be running around with all this space!! We imagine they will get lost in the house and we'll be calling them for days. I'm sure they will be off exploring something somewhere!

As the process goes along, I'm sure I'll learn a lot of new house terms, like joints, and lally's (yeah, look that one up). Kind of like I learned what ruching was for a wedding dress....

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