Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I've been feeling a bit uninspired lately...wondering what the next blog should be about, and it seems as if at just the right time, my inspiration comes friends.

Today, I received a "Hello" postcard in the mail from my friend that is living in England. She travels EVERYWHERE from there. For fun, and for work. This just arrived in the mail today:

Doesn't it look LOVELY? I don't know about you, but I love getting mail. And I don't mean email, or voicemail, but good old fashioned snail mail.

I know that she selected this particular postcard with me in mind, and she takes the time to write out a long message to me, signing off with her "XOXO Miss you!" I know this because I have traveled in Europe with her, and she is one of the very few people I know who is like me when it comes to postcards.

I love to send postcards too. Not to say "ha ha, look where I am", but because I want to share my experiences with those I care about. I want them to know I was thinking about them, and for them to see how beautiful the place and the people are wherever I am. I hope to inspire them to travel there, or to revisit the magical location if they have already been there. 

Thanks to my friend(s), my "MUST VISIT BEFORE I DIE" list keeps getting longer.

So, when you go somewhere, take the time to send a postcard to the ones you miss and love.  I know I will appreciate the gesture, and I'm sure others will too!


  1. I was visited by the same mail-fairy:) How jealous that I cannot be galavanting around the South of France!

  2. I guess I had better get on the stick - send me your address :).

  3. LOL you have more important things to worry about, but, it will fill up some of the time you might need to kill while David is sleeping ; )