Sunday, September 12, 2010

Game Day!

I currently have the Monday Night Football Theme in my head. And John Madden's voice too. Although he really doesn't have anything truly meaningful to say, football season hasn't really started until I hear the theme and Madden streaming through my TV.

For most of us, today is opening day. Fantasy Football teams have been picked. Bragging rights instituted, and the smack talk has already begun. It's a good excuse to have people over, meet at bars, dig out your jersey's, and put your flags up on your car.

I grew up watching football. It was the time we spent with dad on Sunday. I may not have understood the game back then, but I clearly remember picking teams because I thought their uniforms were pretty colors. Minnesota for their purple (my favorite color), and the Houston Oilers for their light blue. Now they are the TN Titans. Times change, but the game is the game.

I was a San Francisco 49er fan for most of my life. Joe Montana was the man. "Montana to RICE!!'.
Now it's "BRADY to MOSS!!!" Will Brett Favre retire, will he not. How can anyone even sign Michael Vick? All the drama surrounding the GAME.

But for today, I say hello to Week 1, and goodbye to the drama. May your fantasy football team win big, and just let the games begin!

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