Monday, December 20, 2010

The Annual Holiday Letter

Every year for probably the last 10-12 years, I've written an annual holiday letter. I usually start this process around Thanksgiving and write about 3 to 4 drafts before actually publishing it and writing it. One year I contemplated not writing it and was told by many friends that they actually look forward to it. "DON'T stop!!" they said. So I didn't.

This year, I just banged out the letter on the computer, no drafts, no editing, no gimmick. Just, here's to 2011, I'M GETTING MARRIED, and oh yeah, you all have a Happy 2011 too. For once I actually know what the future will bring!!

I started writing the letter since I have friends all over the county...I started writing it way before Facebook, or Twittering, or Blogging. I always find getting "snail" mail to be like opening a present. (see the postcard post) It's a nice gesture to get mail, a card, or a note just because.

So, for you nay sayers that always complain about the holiday letter that so and so sent, just remember they thought of sending it to you to say Hello, and keep you in the loop of their lives. Drop them a card too with a little note. I'm sure they would appreciate the gesture.

Now, I have to go, to re-look at my 2010 letter one last time...Happy Holidays!

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