Saturday, November 6, 2010


I've been thinking about this word a lot. It's a word that can only be defined by you. Here's a few milestones I've lived to tell about:

1. turning 16...back then anyone  could get a driver's license at that age. Now, I think it's 18?
2. graduating High School. Needless to say, I would never want to go back in time to relive that!!
3. 12 more quarters of college, equals a bazillion more tests before I graduate...and then poof, I graduated college
4. TURNING 21 - I thought that day would never ever come!!
5. Getting your first job out of college - for me it was in SF - the best place to be in your 20's!
6. "How old will I be in the year 2000?"
7. Then came the hard ones to achieve....
A. Get Married
B. Buy a House
These are the questions my accountant would ask me every year...."did you get married yet? buy a house? nothing's changed...ok, I don't need an appointment to see you. Just drop your papers off". HA, now I need to call and make an appointment!!

Well, Milestone Monday is almost here - my FH and I will be home owners on Monday. I've saved 8 years of bonuses, squirrel'd away money here and there, and managed to find my Best Friend/Future Husband AND my dream home. We laugh that we should "Get Married and Buy a House, but not in that order..."

So, we all count our own milestones in our own ways, I'm just happy to put another marker in my memory on Monday. Hello house! (and goodbye savings account!).

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