Monday, November 22, 2010

Hello Home!

The day(s) finally came! Our first house, my first house. Well, we own a small percentage of it, but we get to live in it, put holes in the wall, anything we want! I have a driveway!!! Whoo Hoo!! Through this whole experience, I didn't really sleep, I got a cold once, and managed to fight off 2 others. All in a span of say 21 days. But worth the time and stress to have something we can call HOME!

We got the keys on 11/8, and moved on 11/20. I met my FH 2 years ago that Saturday, and 6 months from 11/21 we will be married. MARRIED!!! No more calling him FH!!
Anyway, I digress. I have to go back to unpacking the several boxes that moved here, purge some more stuff from these boxes, and get my life back in order. Somewhere I have to find the birthday card I purchased for my friends birthday (which is today and it still has to get mailed) AND my mother's birthday which is on Friday. Wish me luck!


  1. Congrats!!!! We love love the house and are so happy for you!! Hooray!!